A home is the cardinal desire of all living beings. Undoubtedly a human craves a perfect home where he can create a lifetime of memories. Make your house in accordance with long-established Vedic Principles, be it an apartment, villa or a bungalow, live an energised life.


A man is known for the work he performs. The office is a space where one must perform his karma and earn the artha. A vastu compliant office enables progress, growth, and development.


The world is growing vertically. Hordes are migrating to urban centres as the world moves from a rural economy to a technology-driven economy. Harmonise and positively charge your apartment with specialised yantras and yagnas.

Commercial Spaces and Industries: Big Industrial complexes, Hospitals, Factories, Mega Malls, and all kinds of gargantuan structures are the order of the age. Nowhere the need for Vedic Vastu is felt more than at such massive structures. With multiple businesses, offices, and businesses operating out of a single structure, it is imperative that they are aligned and harmonised with vastu rules.

What is Vedic Vastu?

Vastu term comprises two words Vas(a place to reside or work) and tu (tatva). Vastu signifies that the place we work and live should be in complete harmony and alignment with nature and universal energy. Moreover, Vastu ensures that we tune in to higher reservoirs of divine energy. A vastu compliant structure is a harbinger of the abundance of health, wealth, love, and success.

Why Scriptures?

In the 21st century when a movie is watched or a restaurant is selected based on ratings and reviews, Scriptures have been garnering top-of-the-line ratings for thousands of years. They have stood the test of time and consequences. These scriptures were originally recited by Lord Shiva and passed on to Lord Viswakarma, who then inked it for the benefit of all of humanity.

How Does Vastu Help?

The purpose of Vastu Science is to create a space that harmonically co-exists with surrounding energy. Think of a river and its flow. Vastu ensures all energies flow in the same direction and that direction is the one that can lead us to a state of happiness. In plain words, Vastu facilitates the creation of energized, harmonized, aesthetically pleasing homes and commercial spaces.

Aims of Vastu Structure :

  1. To create a space that aligns perfectly with earth and divine energy
  2. To create a loving harmonious environment for all habitats,
  3. To ward off disasters and extreme events,
  4. To ensure success, happiness, and growth.
  5. To create a space that lasts and stands the test of time.

Vasudeva Kutumbkam :

“Entire world is one family”
The divine teaching of Sanatana tradition.

Every event that occurs anywhere in the world affects everyone in some way and to a certain degree. War happening across the globe can threaten the food security of the entire world. Carbon emissions from a factory on another continent can cause floods thousands of miles away. We “humans” are in it together. Let us ensure love, peace, and happiness for all fellow travellers on mother earth. This is also called the law of Interconnectedness. We are all connected in some way or other. Let us make homes which are harmonious and eternal through the teachings of the Sages. Let us rely on authentic sources to save time, energy and our hard earned money. We at drjayshreeom work only on the basis of ancient scriptures and the value added is based on two major factors: Fixed Vastu and Variable Vastu. A home built as per Vedic Vastu Principles is nothing but a Yantra which aligns our Individual consciousness with that of the Supreme consciousness.

Fixed Vastu:

When a home is constructed, a lot of formulae are applied to raise the structure as per the law of Nature. This is based on the principles laid down by Lord Shiva. Following are a few rules which are fixed and are applied at the time of construction:

  1. Land Shape
  2. Land Purification
  3. Bhumi Pujan
  4. Planning
  5. Marma and Sutra ved calculation
  6. Aayadi of pillar, rooms, entrance, etc.
  7. Placement of overhead and underwater tanks.
  8. Energising the columns and construction are at the plinth level.
  9. House warming

We make sure most of the core Vedic principles are applied in the best possible way.

Variable Vastu:

Once the home is constructed, we start living in this Yantra. We feel harmonious and energised. But, we are humans, and we all are aware that everything is temporary. With time the mind comes to an automatic mode and as per the mind patterns, our gunas (satva, rajas and tamas), our past life karmas, our vrittis (thoughts, incorrect knowledge, desire, fantasy and memory), our ego, changing of Mahadasha of any house member, entry of new members, etc. things start to get imbalanced. That is when we apply the Variable Vastu rules.

This is done by doing remedial Vastu:

Depending on the problem, remedies are applied. We make sure all the details are taken up before suggesting a remedy to clear up the Variable Vastu.