Unleash your true potential by living in energised, consecrated and pious homes. Discovered from the ancient texts, a divine concoction that can turn your premises into a pious place. The details of making the concoction has been bestowed by the Divine Architect, maker of all the Gods’ homes, Lord Vishwakarma himself. Passed on from Guru-shishya parampara, we now bring you the Manjusha at your doorstep. Make your premises an amalgam of Antiquity and Modernity. An ancient recipe designed to help you grow.

Manjusha, the magical ancient treasure

Manjusha in Sanskrit refers to a box, peti in Hindi. It’s a metal box containing positive items like pious herbs, powerful minerals, mystical gems, and holy water. Positive symbols are carved on top as suggested by the Vedic ancient text. This is made as per the standards mentioned in chapter 12 of the Granth Maansar, Mayamatam and Vishwakarma Prakash. Manjusha is termed as Kalash in Vishwakarma Prakash. Manjusha can be made of copper, silver, or gold only.

Why live in consecrated space?

Home is our goto place. It is a space where we come back from the outside stressful world. This is the place where we feel relaxed. It saves us from heat, rain and this is the place where we feel most secure. As we are relaxed our bodies start to rejuvenate. Our home, our furniture, our feet, all touch the floor. And if the floor is energized then the whole space is filled with positive energy. As per quantum physics, the negative ions neutralize the excess positive ions thereby making a place holistic. The negative ions give away positive energy and positive ions give away negative energy. This learning comes from the German researchers. But our Indian sages knew this concept very well and designed ways to energise the land itself. Geopathology has been part of Indian tradition since time immemorial.

Vishwakarma Prakash granth has several verses that mention placement of positive items under the ground and even on the bed. (Refer to verses 5.100-101, 5.250, 6.37, 7.46, 10.66)

Energized floor

As per the ancient text, the foundation deposits must consist of gold, silver, copper yantras, herbal medicines, minerals, and gemstones along with some mercury. It is kept under the ground so that if any of the flaws are being generated from the land or anything below the floor then they can be nullified. For eg., if the root of a tree is strong and healthy, the fruits are sweet and of good quality. Similarly, when the root of the home is strong then members of the family are healthy and stress-free resulting in good action thereby building a good financial, mental and physical well-being.

The divine procedure of placing the Manjusha is called Shilanyas. It is termed as Garbhavinyas as per Mayamat and Mansaar. Garbha means womb and vinyas means an arrangement or set up. Garbha This procedure is emphasized in the ancient scripture as one of the most important procedures as it lays the foundation of the area which in turn purifies or consecrates the space.

Energized Entrance

Home or plot entrance is a nodal point for a family. It is the first point of entry, so it becomes imperative that one has to positively charge that point of entry. The topic is explained explicitly in scriptures.

Also for the elements like water, air, etc, the energized entrance acts as a filter, ensuring the occupants receive only beneficial vibes. By placing Manjusha at the entrance, any negative entrance can be converted into a positive one. The fear of wrong entrances gets minimized. This can even be done by placing a Swastika made of gold. Gold emits positive energy and this makes the entry point highly positive.

Energized Bed

Nearly forty percent of human life is spent on a bed. The species of human procreates on a bed. The bed has featured prominently in the Vedic text Vishwakarma Prakash ( ch 3, 4, 9). An energized and propitious bed heralds a fruitful future life.

The Manjusha placed under the bed purifies your aura thereby keeping you relaxed and stress-free. The sleeping pattern was researched and we found that there are many factors, both internal and external, that can influence the quantity and quality of sleep. When we sleep with good energy around, our REM is seen to increase manifold. If a developing child,or a pregnant woman, or an elderly parent sleeps with a Manjusha under the bed, his/her cells are infused with clearer energy patterns. Their intelligence gets much sharper as the aura gets purified. If you don’t wish to place Manjusha, place a piece of gold.


We use the purest of materials for making the Manjusha. The box is made of pure copper with positive symbols engraved on it. We do not use any kind of shining material on the copper. The yellow shine available in the market and so called gold polish is not gold polish but a layer of chemical containing plastic and harmful toxic materials in it. We do not have any such paints on our yantras and Manjusha. Purity and sanctity of the Manjusha is maintained at all costs.

Existing Premises

As per Vishwakarma Prakash Granth, 2.93, if the house is already constructed, then just placing Manjusha in the center of the house can energize the house and clear the Vastu dosha.

Consecrated Manjusha

The Manjusha can be consecrated in the name of the family owner keeping their gotras in mind. Our expert Pundits by calculating the right Muhurat, perform puja and chant the required mantras to purify the Manjusha. For this, one may send us his/her details. If Manjusha is being placed for a particular reason, then that reason can be specified. For example : A factory was in financial losses, and I placed five Manjushas at their entrance and the factory was able to meet its target supply. A child was suffering from cancer, so I placed Manjushas around his home in all directions. He is free of cancer now. A young entrepreneur wanted to take his career to the next level, and he placed Majusha in his office. He has three offices now. We have many such happy stories.


There is no guarantee of any results. I am just doing my duty as per the ancient scriptures. The results are based on faith in scriptures, devotion towards our belief system and trust in the guru. We do many things as per scriptures because we don't know the unknown. Medical insurance is taken for unknown circumstances so that we can safeguard our family and us. Similarly, we place Manjusha in our premises to safeguard us from the unknown circumstances. That is why our motto is, “Heyam Dhukaham Anagatam '', as we strongly believe in being mindful and aware. The motto means avoiding suffering which has not yet come and this can be achieved by being mindful of its occurrence.

We certainly do not know what positive outcome may happen when Manjushas are placed. But it will certainly not harm as it is a remedy purely from the mouth of Lord Vishwakarma himself, passed onto him by Lord Shiva. Sometimes, things are beyond cause and effect relationship and there is no explanation to it. We are doing the procedure because it is written in the Scriptures.


Placed 5000+ Manjushas

Alignment of Manjusha

It must be aligned perfectly to the cardinal directions.

Important areas for placement of Manjusha

Always place the Manjusha as per your requirement. Use the above hierarchy to determine the area as per your budget and faith. There is a famous saying, “Always cut the coat as per your size”.

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