The childhood days:

A six months old me, weak, fragile and mollycoddled happily playing with my grandmother, unaware of who I was with. I was born with poor health, and my mom had to leave me with my grandma for better care. Barely a year old, I was taken away by my paternal uncle to Kathmandu. He named me Jayshree and I am very grateful to him for this name. I love to hear greetings like, “Jayshree Hari”, “Jayshree Ram”, or “Jayshree Krishna”.

I spent my childhood days drawing away mountains, rivers, and coconut trees with a small hut beside the river. Every evening I would visit the Ganesh temple, and offer fresh flowers for my deity. When we had guests, I would have the privilege of paying homage to Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath, Lord Vishnu’s temple at Budhanilkantha Temple, and other Hindu deities at Bhaktapur and Patan. These were my early childhood memories of Sanatana Dharma.

Studying at a convent school, the sisters at St. Mary's High school would take us to the church every morning to get the lord's blessing. My Fridays were dedicated to the terrace where I would watch people perform mass prayers.

I used to often wonder why there were so many gods and why I couldn't see any of them. I had made Gods my confidant and would mostly play temple, temple with my neighborhood friends, Tina and Priyanka. I am still friends with Tina. This time of my life was all about prayers, hopscotch, monkey climbing, cycling, dancing, and drawing.

Born with Rahu Mahadasha is why I had a weak and fragile body leading to poor health.

The 10s:

At 12, when I was in the 6th grade, I departed from Kathmandu to Birgunj, a small town bordering India, to be with my mom forever. My Uncle had gone to Kolkata, and that's when I had time to sneak out. They came to invite me back, but I wanted to move on. My soul was yearning for a higher purpose. This time I stood for myself and boldly said I would love to explore better schools for quality education. That year I had failed in five subjects out of six. The red scores on the report card are still fresh in my memory. I moved to Bangalore for superior education and personal growth. Here I got united with my grandma again. Once again, I was safe with her, though I was very vulnerable to low scores at school. High school is where I was totally out of touch with Sanatana Dharma. Mornings would be carol singing at Baldwin Girls’ High School and evenings had to be Jain hymns with family. Uncle was very particular that we followed Jainism to its core. With no beliefs of my own, I did what he asked me to do. Jain hymns were very pleasing, full of forgiveness, gratitude and compassion. This religion formed the basis of my life. At Baldwins, I made two lifetime friends who are still my besties, Deepika and Vineeta.

To explore Hostel life and to change my pattern, I joined Mody Girls' High School, Rajasthan, for 11th and 12th grades. This period of my life was all about fashion, friends, fun, and photography. I was a rowdy here and would gang up with Sapna Baid, Pooja Singh, Swati Jain, Anjana Goenka and Rashmi Singhania, and make fun of other batch mates and would roam around the school as “Aliens”. We still go out on holidays and meet often.

But this joy ended with under graduation at Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain college, Bangalore. Art and drawing, as my dream career, were put to rest. The drawing skills gained in my childhood were what I loved the most. At this crossroad, I chose Commerce as I was advised to pursue B. Com. I did what my elders thought would be best for me. I come from a Jain, a business-class family. But, with Swetha, Sachin and Roopa around, my life in college became a memorable one. We would bunk college and would go out for movies often. Roopa left for the heavenly abode, but Swetha and Sachin are still my good pals.

Ketu in the fourth house always kept me away from my loving parents. They ensured I got the best of the education.

The 20s:

By now, an expert at deciding for myself, I was adamant about getting married early. Having tied the knot in the final year of B.Com at 19 with dreams of a perfect marriage, I was ready for a new chapter of my life. By Grace! Siddharth, my husband, helped me pursue my education. I topped the Income-tax paper in the final year. I was confused about what to take up as a full-fledged career. Sid appreciated my hard-work and persistence nature. Seeing my drawing skills, he advised me to join the Animation and Graphic course followed by a job at Paprikaas Animation Studio. During my free time, I would do oil on canvas.

2003, I learnt the art of meditation directly from Acharya Mahashramanji. This has been part of me ever since and helped me during my pregnancy. I would chant Bhaktambar and Arham daily for long hours, loudly thinking that my baby is hearing all of it. He was listening indeed!

October, 2004, Adithya, our son, joined us with a lot of delivery complications. I quit my job and chose motherhood as a full-time job. I was madly in love with my son, as motherhood is the best experience a woman can have. It is absolutely fulfilling. With 4th-degree perineal tear at child-birth, I had to undergo four major surgeries within eight months of my normal delivery. Due to childbirth trauma, Sid, I decided not to bear a second child. This period of my life was all about romance, Van Gogh paintings, and motherhood.

My Shani Mahadasha began just a month before child-birth.

The 30s:

Too caught up in the whirlpool of mundane activities, I went in for a career in the plastic industry. In 2010, with the hope of flying high, I opened a factory and put all my finances, efforts, and energy into one basket. I made sure Vastu, Astrology, Havan, and other banking affairs were all taken care of. But to my disbelief, the unit shut down within ten months of opening. For reasons unknown, I stood outside this unit watching all my efforts crumbling down.

Adithya, a firm believer of Sanatana Dharma since his childhood, slowly helped me regain my real-self. He brought back my memories of Lord Vishnu. He would make me read the Mahabharata and stories of many other Indian Sages aloud. The fondness for Lord Vishnu built again. I would recount to Adi boy my childhood stories of playing with Gods instead of dolls.

Co-incidentally, Adithya and I were both born in Rahu Mahadasha.

In 2012, after regaining some strength, I did PGDBA from Symbiosis with the help of my cousins, Rachana and Vandana. But my inner self was still questioning the fake consultants I fell for. The reason three different consultants gave me three different opinions was constantly on my mind. Why didn’t all of them speak the same language when the topic was the same? What is the real Vastu? Is it an ancient science? With all these questions on my mind, the universe led me to my Vastu teacher, Dr. Shiv Prasad Verma. He gifted me all the scriptures and knew I would prefer to know the truth by myself. After reading them for years, applying them on sites for friends and family, and making plans with the help of the most refined architect, Sri Manoj Singhal, in Oct 2015, I truly set my feet on the flight of Vastu Shastra. God was kind enough to let me get my Uterus out in Oct., 2015, so that I could get rid of menstrual pains and excess bleeding. I decided that this would be the sixth one and the last surgery one I would ever undergo. At 36, I was free from periods, anemia, and fortnights of bed rest.

This time of my life was all hospitals, surgeries, miracles, and motherhood. Friends like Priya, Monika, Shilpi, and many other friends from Serenity apartment have been a boon. My siblings Padmashree, Vikash and Deepak and my sister-in-laws Isha and Priyanka were always by my side. My in-laws, Manju and Navrattan, have been so warm and kind to me.

Moon in the eight house with the aspect of Mars gave me terrifying periods with multiple humongous fibroids.

In 2017, I went on to do my Ph.D. on Vedic Vastu after understanding the Geopathology system of Germans.

Finally, in Feb 2018, just before leaving for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, New York, I met my soul sister, Laxmi Duggirala in the Gayatri retreat conducted by Om Swami ji. We connected instantly and ever since she has been my guide, mentor, editor and bestie. There at the UN, I met women who had great accloades, were very dynamic and heroic. I felt liberated, overwhelmed, and a sense of accomplishment ran through my spine. Whenever anyone would ask, I would proudly say, “I am from India”. This was one of the best periods of my life. New York has so much to offer. I learnt the metro map within a couple of days and roamed around like a free bird.

Very confused about which path, God or Guru to follow, I was doing whichever course came my way. Finally, on my birthday, 12th January, Om Swami ji came in my dream and asked me to attend the Kundalini camp that was going to happen on 19th January, 2019. The dream is still crystal clear in my head. I was roaming around in the jungle aimlessly with my Yoga marga program group. This is when I see this Yogi sitting under the tree and asking me to come for the Kundalini camp. This Yogi looked very familiar to OmSwami ji. Next day I booked my tickets to Bangalore for the camp. Though the seats were booked, I sent a special request and a devotee willingly agreed to help me get a seat. Swamiji’s camps always go full within a few days of opening. In the camp I requested Him to initiate me and He looked into my eyes and said, “I don't do online Initiation”. He chuckled. “I only Initiate at the Ashram”. I dropped dead! I was too nervous, shivering and could hear my heart beat. My life was in His hands. I had found my Marga, my path. It is at the Kundalini program I found my doctor, Dr. Mayank, who helped me heal my long term auto-immune disorder. He is a dear friend and a close advisor. Also, I met Padma aunty who is now teaching me Devi Sadhana. This is how a Guru connects.

In March 2019, I was formally initiated into my Guru’s Lineage by Om Swami ji. He is the one who showed me the path towards my Ishta, my Creator.

I have been reading, working as a consultant, and been a health-lover due to my life experiences. With time, I picked up two auto-immune disorders, which were at their peak in 2015. But finally, my body knew how to work hand in hand with them. Having experienced many allopathic, Ayurveda, homeopathy- experts, dieticians and nutritionists, I learnt about Annamayakosha. Adi is the one and only to experience my first hand food experiments. He is my true-companion to date. We discuss matters on Sri Bhagavad Gita, Swami ji, tapping into the unknown, religion, health, world history, politics, current affairs and stock-market. This period of my life was all about knowing the various faith systems, eliminating which did not connect to my Chitta, my consciousness and finally finding my Path. Now, I have to walk the Path! My parents Pushpa and Vijay singh Sethia have always been supportive of every decision of mine.

The Lord of the fifth house is Jupiter which is exalted, leading to a great bond with Adi and my parents.

The early 40s:

During the covid times, it did worry me that if I didn't live through, my research and analysis would die with me. Due to my poor immune system, I didn’t trust my body. So, with Siddhartha’s help, I translated the three most important scriptures back to back and published them within two consecutive years. Now was my time to give back to the world. Without wasting time, working for 15 hours a day, editing and formatting every page, and nearly reading the manuscript more than 50 times, the books were finally ready. The books have been done very passionately to spread the work of the ancient Sages. So do read them please.

I still paint for my Bhagwaan and practice Yoga, meditation and various Sadhanas assigned by my mentors. Traveling, day-dreaming and reading are my most treasured hobbies. Due to my friendly nature, I make friends instantly and one with deeper connections stays for lifetime. Ruchika Jain is my newest pal and Sangi, my partner in learning Devi ma’s Sadhana.

I am currently working on my fourth book, “Vastu Remedies”. This is not a translation like the previous ones, but a compilation of my life’s experiences. It has numerous case studies, explanations of various verses from the scriptures, remedies which are practical and doable. I have also cleared various Vastu myths which are afloat. Manoj sir, made me add a column, “common mistakes” which he faces with a lot of his clients and other Vastu consultants.

My pillar of strength will always be my Granny (Nani), who left us to be with SriHari on 3rd July,2022, 2:55 am.

Jupiter exalted of the 9th house has bestowed me with the best of the Gurus, Mentors and the most supportive husband. Venus in my first house has blessed me with angel like friends and loving family.


“Heyam Dukkham Anagatam”, - Patanjali Yog Sutra, 2.16.

We can avoid grief (trouble, pain, disease, misery, and obstructions) if we are aware and sensitive to their occurrence.

The whole purpose of writing these books is to bring back the real, genuine and authentic ancient science narrated by Lord Shiva.

Every soul I met has helped me achieve the purpose of my life:


Touched more than 1,25,000+ lives
Worked for 10,000+ hours on Scriptures
Placed close to 5000+ Manjushas